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Contribute to Carbon Removal with Marketing

Carbon Dioxide levels have reached extraordinary levels which causes extreme harm to us, the planet, animals, and what the future looks like.


It [high CO2 levels] is the main cause of human-induced climate change, it contributes to urban air pollution, it leads to toxic acid rain, it adds to coastal and ocean acidification, and it worsens the melting of glaciers and polar ice. Source

Higher CO2 levels cause wildfires, extreme weather, agricultural decline, health problems, and more. It does and will impact all life which is why its so important to do whatever we can to mitigate these levels.

It's a problem that many organizations are trying to solve through carbon reduction, and carbon offset, and one of those ways is removing CO2. This sounds pretty cool, right? I agree.


This method is still being heavily researched and developed. There are organizations helping to facilitate this through a variety of different means. Here are a few of them and how they're addressing the removal process:


Captures carbon directly from the air and injects it into underground basalt.


Injects carbon into concrete.

Project Vesta

Uses a common mineral to convert carbon in the ocean into limestone on the seafloor.

Charm Industrial

Produces an oil from biomass and then injects it deep into the earth.

Like anything, this costs money. There. is an ongoing struggle for these companies to gain the funds needed to continue operating, researching, and implementing solutions. There must be a market for carbon removal in order to propel it forward.


1% of Warfield Marketing revenue goes toward carbon removal!*

When you work with Warfield Marketing, your credit card payment for services goes through the card processor, Stripe. Stripe is one of the largest payment processors in the world and you've probably used it even without knowing it.

Stripe offers its customers (like me!) the opportunity to donate a percentage of their revenue to carbon removal efforts with their program called Stripe Climate. When setting up my payment system I opted in to this program. That means that when you work with Warfield Marketing and pay via credit card, you are automatically contributing to carbon removal AT NO EXTRA COST. This comes from my revenue.

Where's all that money going, you ask? To the four organizations listed above! They are committed to removing their carbon production and facilitating the demand through this very simple system of opting in to donate revenue. You can do your own research into each of the organizations to learn more and here is a comprehensive article about Stripe's mission in carbon removal and how they're operating. They are very transparent which is great because we all know greenwashing is all too common these days.

Jane Zelikova, the chief scientist at Carbon180, a carbon-removal think tank, told me. (She served as a paid adviser to Stripe Climate last year.) “I think what Stripe did is really different, which is why I was willing to be involved with it … They’re not greenwashing. They’re literally paying whatever the price is to remove carbon from the atmosphere.” Source

I'm an earth-lover and advocate of positive environmental impact which is why I've opted into this program. I encourage any and all of my clients to pay via credit card so we can contribute to carbon removal to verified and emotionally invested organizations.

I hope you'll join me in fighting for the environment whether or not you utilize my services. I encourage you to learn, research, and understand the severity of climate change and how important it is to put pressure on changing our course. It is very crucial that corporations are held accountable for their carbon output and a big way to do that is to prove that there is a demand for environmentally ethical operations.

*1% of revenue after the first $10,000 earned and paid via credit card through Warfield Marketing is automatically donated through Stripe Climate to remove carbon.


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