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Boosted Post vs Social Ad: What's The Difference?

Advertising on social media can be confusing especially when there are so many different ways to put money toward your growth. The options may seem like the same thing but, they're very different. It's important to know which one to use to reach your goals. Here, you'll learn the difference between Boosting a post and creating Social Ads.


Boosting a post is when you use that “Boost” button available at the bottom of your post. This a way of paying to get more likes, more profile visitors, or more messages.

Social ads are created on the ad manager side of the platform. You need a business manager account to create these and they are far more robust ads.


These are great when you want...a boost! It's going to help increase your brand awareness a bit and get you some extra engagement. It’s easy to use for beginners in paid social.

I always recommend earning followers and likes organically as those people are usually more committed to your account.

These are not an effective tool for growing an authentic customer base or developing a long term paid marketing strategy.


These are very robust in capabilities and can generate leads, purchases, and grow your business in many ways. It’s ideal for audience growth and earning customer actions.

They are not recommended for beginners due to the complexity of the strategy needed for effective performance.


It all depends on your goals and knowledge level. As a rule of thumb, remember this...

BOOST: Easy & short term

ADS: Advanced & long term


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